About Le Moment Capturer...


Blooming rapidly, LMC is a young and fun creative team who thrives to capture authentic love stories in a documentary/cinematic way. We provide professional photography and videography service with excellent client experience. Our goal is to preserve your memories as how you would feel when it was happening. Not only if LMC has marked lovers memories in East Coast, U.S, but also in Asia. We are aiming to bring joys to the world globally.     



Videography & Photography


We're so glad to see you on our site and that you want to know about us. We're Charlotte and Jessi. We, both originally from China, have been best friends ever since we were born. We grew up in the same neighborhood, slept in the same bed, exchanged dairies and shared secrets. In fact, we're the weirdos that didn't want to follow the "rules" but to jump out our comfort zone to see what is out there. Then we found it! We decided to purchase our first cameras when life was tight. So many sleepless nights that we can improve our skills. Till now we finally are able to afford our own website. It's just like our perspective of life - Thinking out of the box to create something new and bold. We can't wait to show you the true essence of life and to share the spirit of being Le Moment Capturer with you.