Renee & Chen | London City | Elopement Day 1


Renee and Chen wanted the freedom to celebrate their wedding their way, so they decided on an elopement wedding with the most wonderful natural backdrops. (wedding got featured on Girl gets Wed )

I spent two days with them; this is the first day, the London city walk. Literally, the second day for them arrived in England from China. I was worry that they couldn’t handle the jet lag before they arrived but it seems like the fun time they had already covered all the tiredness.

“London people are so welcoming” they keep saying that, which I didn't expect until I had this experience that walking with a wedding couple to the tourist landmarks. While they are walking on the street, people are keep saying congratulations. The most impressive one was on the London Bridge, one man started honking and sticking his head saying congratulations. Suddenly, almost the entire cars on London Bridge were honking and the pedestrians on the side road cheering. After we off the bridge, our make-up stylist Michelle who’s waiting under the bridge asked if the cheering was for us, it was a loud one.

When you are on an elopement trip, you get some coincidental stories and mixed of some planned stories. I want to flash back to one of the planned stories - the first look. The first look has become the modern tradition in western weddings, but more and more not likely happen in Chinese weddings since the groom already see the bride in the wedding dress on the engagement photo shoot. So why not giving them a first look before the photo shoot? That crossed my mind only for one second I am glad that i caught it then turn it into actions.things on their trip.