JI & Luo | Weizhou Island Elopement


Every girl dreams of a beach wedding. In Chinese culture, the engagement wedding photograph is the first big deal of the wedding(even bigger than the wedding date photoshoot). Most of the Chinese brides would choose their engagement season overseas just for the ocean view.

For Ji & Luo getting their engagement photos done without being outside of China was definitely the deal. Especially after the bride told us her love story, we decided to go down to Weizhou island to complete their love story.

That was another magic on the Weizhou island. I’ve heard this island quite a lot before. Surprisedly, when I was looking for advice from friends that was no one around me actually been there. After days and days considering the pros and cons, me and the bride decided to take the risk to have a trip there. I am glad we did, there is no doubt that nowhere else can be more suitable than this little island in the Southern Bay Area of Guangxi.

However, after the photos and the video delivery Ji was surprised by how full-filled of their love story video which only shot in one day. We can't appreciate more of how much tears and joys of this small island brings to us.

I know I am really bad because I love to make brides cry (on a good way). After spent a seafood meal ( It was so good!) dinner chat and mind blowing time by their stories.