Continental US - London/Brighton(UK)


About Le Moment Capturer...


Le Moment Capturer is an international wedding videography/photography team, offering a young, fun and vintage-inspired creative team who thrives to capture authentic love stories in a cinematic style.  Our service spans across the US: Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, New Jersey and New York, to the UK: Brighton, London. We are aiming to bring joys globally. 



 Jessi (In the UK)

     Charlotte  (In the US)


Who we are

We're the weirdos that didn't want to follow the "rules" but jumped out of our comfort zone to see what was out there, and then we found it! We are Charlotte and Jessi, two Chinese girls who grew up together in China then came to the States in our 20s. We started Le Moment Capturer together in Pennsylvania,USA then quickly developed it in the DMV area, New York, California.  In 2018, Jessi moved to the UK for love. Now the LMC team has grown into the UK and Europe and available worldwide!

Our story

We have been best friends since we were young. “Are you two sisters?” We hear this question a lot since we were 8. Despite the fact that we are not blood-related, we are as close as sisters. We grew up in the same neighborhood, shared many sleepovers, exchanged dairies and whispered secrets. The first project we worked on together was when we were 11 or 12 years old. We recorded a podcast show on tape then rented it to ours classmates for 0.5-1 yuan each time. We had no idea these two little girls would become a real team working overseas.