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About Le Moment Capturer...




Who We Are

We're so glad to see you on our site and that you want to know about us! Blossoming rapidly, Le Moment Capturer is a young, fun and vintage-inspired creative team who thrives to capture authentic love stories in a cinematic style. We are Charlotte and Jessi, both originally from China. We have been best friends since we were born. We grew up in the same neighborhood, shared many sleepovers, exchanged dairies and whispered secrets. 


Why We Do It

We're the weirdos that didn't want to follow the "rules" but to jump out of our comfort zone to see what was out there, and then we found it! We purchased our first cameras when money was tight. Endured many sleepless nights to improve our skills, and here we are! We think out of the box, color outside of the lines and invent the new and bold in every love story we create. That’s also our perspective of what life should be, and what your love should be.


Why Us

Le Moment Capturer is for the Brides and Grooms who have a wild heart and free soul. We believe our wedding films compliment this by creating a timeless, romantic and adventurous slice of tangible memory. You will want to watch over and over again. At Le moment we strive to go beyond recording a simple document of your special day. With experience, we are "tuned into" capturing all the feelings as it was happening and the lovely details that may go unnoticed - the blushing bride, the first kiss, a smile and a sideways look. We believe that these are the moments that enable you to relive the emotions of the day. We draw upon the latest tools to ply our trade, extensive knowledge of color grading and editing software allows us to get the look our clients expect to see. Le Moment Capturer provides professional photography and videography service with excellent customer service. We can't wait to capture your new and bold love on film. The true essence of your life, your journey through our eyes.  You will be stars in our film, and it’s all about YOU. 


Where We’d Go

Not only has LMC has marked lovers memories in Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, New Jersey and New York of the USA but also in Asia. We are now working in Europe as well. We are aiming to bring joys to the world globally. Don't hesitate to contact us for your destination wedding!

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