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Hey everyone! I’m Charlotte!

My Chinese name is spelled 慧颖 (Huiying), which means WISE and TINY. Haha! I don’t know how much truth to it. But I’m often described as fun and spontaneous by people I met.

Moving far away from home and being the minority in southern York country has brought me something amazing and something hard. Changing career path from tour guide to teacher to wedding capturer has been the most amazing journey. Missing my family, friends and the food back in China is the hardest experience. But I love and passionate of what I have created here, through meeting new couples to becoming friends with them.

Me in 2019…

Nowadays, I’m busy on digging podcast about women empowering, sex trafficking and the issue behind it. But I’m also hoping, and working hard on transition my business to Cali. Then during the summer, I’m traveling to Japan for 2.5 weeks for the first time! So if you have any recommendation/suggestion wether is about podcast, building a home or traveling in Japan, I’d love to hear from you! My personal email is charlottechensimpson@gmail.com

My beloved teammate, eric IN USA


Eric is originally from Hong Kong. He calls himself the “gossip” guy, because he can gossip like a woman all day long. LOL! I love his passion about filming and photographing. He is definitely so easy to hang out with and work together! I can’t wait for you to meet him!



We're so excited to laugh, cry and dance with you!


Pricing starts at $2,500 in Continental United States. But we will go any corner in the world!

If you absolutely love our work and would like to work with us, please contact for a customized package!

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