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What is your photography/film style?

Documentary + fine art blend - leaning more towards documentary style. I crave for authentic moments and little gestures between the couple.

What can couples expect when they hire me?

They will gain a bridesmaid on their wedding day and a new friend, sometimes even family for lifetime!

My vibe

A bubbly, bright and energetic shortie (4’10”) who indulges all cultures and celebrates all loves. I’m free spirited, adventurous and goal driven. I like to follow my intuition rather than always follow rules.

What makes your photography / film stand out from everyone else?

I have no secrets but simply love capturing “hidden gems”. I’m proud of myself for being very observant and intuitive to couples. I not only document all the important events throughout the day, but am inspired by the little moments between the couples which they normally don't even notice. When others only pay attention solely to the couple on their wedding day, I like to turn my lens to the family & friends and tell a love story from their perspective because they’re very much an important part of the day as well. Working hard throughout the day is never a question for me and I just do it naturally. But somehow I always ended up with lots of praise from the family & friends, telling the newly wed how amazing their photographer/videographer has been! I strive to provide excellent client experience. Checking on the elderly and making sure the couple have a moment with their grandparents/parents on the wedding day is very important for me. I like to plan extra time/not rush through any family moments for the couple on wedding day so they actually get to spend time experiencing/sharing feelings with their grandparents/parents. I don’t get to see my parents/family often since I live in the US and my whole family is back in China, and I haven’t seen them for 2 years now due to the pandemic. So those family moments mean something extra special for me.

What kind of couples do you most enjoy capturing?

Couples who are so in love with each other, care-free, fun, bold, confident and down to adventures/explore. They don’t care about the dress/suit being messed up/dirty or overthinking other details like their makeup being super perfect, but just simply want to have a blast celebrating themselves. They’d value what I do and respect me as an artist, as I do the same and respect, value their time, energy and money that they invested in me. I welcome all couples from all backgrounds, all gender and all religions.

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