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Excelsior, Lancaster, PA Vintage Inspired Wedding | Ethan & Tess

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Ethan & Tess’ entire vintage-inspired wedding day was nostalgic with a twist - a nod to previous generations that they managed to make all their own.

From the antique clock; to the glass and brass table numbers hand lettered by Tess; to the outdoor ceremony where vintage rugs were laid down to create the aisle, patio lights strung overhead - their entire celebration was like they were walking out of an old photograph.

They had their first look in a private room with decades of footsteps echoing across the worn wooden floors, years and generations evident in the peeling paint on the walls. Not only was the room beautiful and unique, but it was the perfect setting for their offbeat, touching, and love-filled relationship.

You can feel how much love they have for each other in their voices and in their glances. Even when Tess opens the fridge to discover that Ethan has eaten all the brownies, and when they make each other cry by telling stupid jokes - the love is real, raw, and all-consuming.