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Intimate California Backyard Wedding | Kelsee & Yudit

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Kelsee and Yudit are a beautiful couple, inside and out. There is so much love between them, and it’s obvious to see how much they mean to each other. They had an intimate backyard wedding at Kelsee’s parent’s house in Turlock, California on April 19th.

Kelsee + Yudit have a strong bond with all of the women in their life. Relationships are important to them, and theirs is very deeply based on friendship. More than the romance that I sometimes see between a man and woman, theirs is deep respect and trust built on a foundation of a feminine bond. Kelsee is the more outgoing of the two, and even though Yudit is a bit more shy, they bring out such amazing qualities in each other. They first met at a party six years ago, and everyone knew instantly that they were meant for each other.