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Olga & Brett | Wine Country, CA | September 15, 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

For some, absence makes the heart grow fonder. This was certainly the case for bride and groom Olga and Brett. Three years ago, Olga traveled from Russia to California to pursue a job opportunity. At the same time, Brett journeyed from Texas to California for the same reason. Though they both arrived in San Francisco looking for their dream job, they ended up finding so much more: true love. After a magical first date, the two fell for each other, but soon Olga had to return to Russia, separating the two for nearly three years. During this time, their connection and love only grew stronger with each day, and after all the months of waiting, Olga returned to get engaged to Brett. Within a month of the engagement, a wedding was planned and successfully and beautifully accomplished.

The wedding took place in Sonoma County at a winery estate, complete with a rustic home covered in lush rose bushes and ivy, creating an abundant garden in the background. This house seems to symbolize that both Olga and Brett have finally reunited and come home to one another. The couple is seen walking through this foliage and the trees, creating a serene nature element to their celebration. There were many unique shots of the flowers, trees, and even succulents in the area that were incorporated into the photography to create a raw beauty moment. The ceremony itself was held outdoors under a thick canopy of trees overlooking a vast valley with the sun’s rays peeking through the leaves with a quiet gentle breeze. The video also included shots of the couple walking hand-in-hand down a country road. This road in a way seemed to symbolize that both Olga and Brett have traveled great distances to be where they are today and pave the way for the road ahead of them yet to come. Though there was not a focus on movement within the pictures and video, serene close-ups of the couple invited more calm and elegant moments, highlighting their strong bond.

This wedding included an emotional private ceremony with just a few honored guests including Brett’s family and Olga’s sister. This group created the perfect intimate atmosphere for the two to be celebrated, including an emotional reading of the vows, a wedding capsule, a bottle of wine, and the couple’s written vows. Also included in the video were separate shots of Olga and Brett preparing for the ceremony, with a voiceover of their vows, ultimately bringing them together to be joined forever.

Olga and Brett, your incredible moving story is truly one-of-a-kind and it was an honor capturing the first few steps on your journey ahead.

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