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We offer creative, fun, and vintage-inspired wedding day films - capturing authentic love stories in a cinematic style.  

Allow us to capture your story's hidden gems.

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6 Countries Travelled

150+ Weddings Documented

1000+ Film Hours

Countless Coffees Consumed

Our Story

It All Started When Two Best friends Trying To Set Foot In Their New Adventures

Fresh out of college in China, Charlotte took a leap of faith and moved across the ocean on her own to the States. She was teaching at a Montessori school in Baltimore, MD then later in Lancaster, PA. About two years later, her best friend from when they were born, Jessi, also moved to the States. With their design and art background, they started filming/creating videos as a hobby back in 2017. But their work quickly grew recognition locally then, Le Moment Capturer was born shortly after that! They had so much fun working together as business partners and best friends :-)


Just as everything was looking amazing, Jessi met the love of her life and moved to the UK in 2018. Charlotte quickly took over and transitioned from being a teacher to being a full time wedding professional. Although she was very sad that she lost the presence of her best friend, she's extremely grateful that LMC provided all the opportunities and experiences she would've never dreamed of when growing up in China. Luckily, Charlotte has found Eric at the beginning of 2018 and have been able to work with him side by side into 2019. Eric now mainly films weddings for LMC and is one of our excellent lead team members. He has filmed more than 50% of LMC's weddings.

Right before the pandemic, Charlotte visited California the first time and fell in love with it! She saw an opportunity to expand her business to the West Coast and decided to move. That brings us to now! With Charlotte in California, and Eric in DMV, Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas, LMC team is documenting love stories national wide! And now Charlotte is establishing/training her own new second shooter, Derek, aka her BF, to better serve San Francisco Bay Area and west coast! They recently just did a backpacking elopement in Yosemite National Park and it was absolutely unforgettable!

No matter where your love story is happening, we, Le Moment Capturer, together as a team is 100% in for you! Just fill out our inquiry form and get it started!


Hi, I'm Charlotte

Charlotte Bio.png

I am a bubbly, bright, and energetic shortie (4’10”) who indulges all cultures and celebrates all loves. I’m free-spirited, adventurous, and goal driven. I like to follow my intuition rather than always follow the rules.

A couple of things about me:

  • My Chinese name is spelled 慧颖 (Huiying), which means WISE and TINY. Haha! I don’t know how much truth there is to it, but I’m often described as fun and spontaneous by people I meet!

  • I'm 7,102 miles from my family in China, and haven't seen them since pandemic. I miss them big time. 

  • My newest passion is scuba diving! Seeing the second half of Mother Earth is so life elevating!

What's up! It's Eric

My beloved team leader, Eric, in the East Coast! Eric is originally from Hong Kong. He calls himself the “gossip” guy because he can gossip like a woman all day long. LOL!

But jokes aside, he's been working for me since 2018 and has worked alongside me for over 2.5 years before he became my team leader on the East Coast. So if your wedding is in the general area of D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, all the way up to Philadelphia and New York, he will be the guy who shows up on your wedding day!

I love his passion for filming and photography. He has an eye to create unique composition in different spaces. Plus! He's so easy to work with together and I'm jealous of all the rave he gets after working hard on a wedding! LOL! I can’t wait for you to meet him!


Still not convinced that you need a wedding or elopement video?

We think you do, and this is why.

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