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let us tell your story and turn it into a work of art. We care about You and the loved ones who shaped you to be who your are.

We Understand What Makes Your Wedding Special

Wedding is for you and your love to declare and celebrate your union in the witness and support of your community. With this basis and understanding, we double down our attentions to capture 2 story lines – you as a couple, and your “village” who stood behind you, for these are what led to this very moment of your special day


is wedding videography worth it

If photography is pieces of the puzzle, then videography completes it.

Videography encapsulates the soul of your wedding, allowing you to cherish not just how you looked but how you felt. It’s not an addition but as an essential companion that gracefully moves alongside photography – together, they create a completed and heartfelt tapestry of your wedding day.

Emotional Impact

Videos have the power to evoke strong emotions. Hearing the vows, laughter, and heartfelt speeches can bring back the emotions of the wedding day in a way that photos may not fully convey. 

Imagine being able to hear the tremble in your partner’s voice during the vows or see the twinkle in your eyes as you share your first dance… Wedding videography captures the dynamic energy of your wedding. It’s a time capsule of emotions, a sentimental journey that lets you revisit the spoken words, the heartfelt glances, and the joyous celebrations long after the petals have fallen. 

Unseen Moments

Videography captures candid shots, unscripted instances, interactions and behind-the-scenes moments without you even noticing it. It fills in the gaps of your wedding photography gallery.

Our couples are always surprised how much unseen moments we capture throughout the day. Some of the most beautiful moments happen in between photographs – a stolen glance, a shared joke, or a dance that might be missed in a photograph will be preserved by our experienced videographer then later used to bridge your love story together.

Audio Treasures

Wedding videos capture not only visuals but also audio, preserving the voices, music, and ambient sounds of the day. This adds another layer of richness to the memories, especially years later.

Audio is a big part of our focus throughout your wedding day. Think about when you watch a scary movie muted. No matter how eerie the visuals are, somehow you just don’t feel as tense and scared. Our style of filming aims to use audios as a soundscape, ensuring the rustle of the leaves as you exchange vows, the quivering in your voices as you say “I do,” the spontaneous laughter that echoes through the celebration are captured and presented properly. 

Time-Traveling Experience

Our story-driven video is like a time machine, transporting you and any audience back to the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding day. It allows you to experience the magic all over again, not just see it.

Your wedding video becomes a cherished keepsake that can be revisited on anniversaries and shared with future generations. It’s a timeless piece that connects your legacy, allowing future family members to witness and celebrate the love that started it all. The ability to hear the voices of loved ones, especially the elders, adds another layer of depth as the video becomes a family heirloom. 

Wedding Videography Packages

Moment One

6 Hours
1 Videographer
Drone footage if permitted
~1 minute sneak peek reel
~8 minute Highlight video
Private Online Gallery
Customized USB

Starting at $4,200

Moment Two

8 Hours
2 Videographers
Drone footage if permitted
~1 minute sneak peek reel
~8 minute Highlight video
Ceremony video
Private Online Gallery
Customized USB

Starting at $5,600

Moment Three

10 Hours
2 Videographers
Drone footage if permitted
~1 minute sneak peek reel
~8 minute Highlight video
Full day video
Private Online Gallery
Customized USB

Starting at $6,800

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wedding blog feature
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What type of videos you can get in our packages

Highlight Video

This cinematic storytelling video allows you to travel through your wedding day as it’s a love story unfolding in a movie. All the visuals, audio and music will be weaved together like a symphony. It’s our signature video and we can’t wait to curate one that’s unique to you!

Sneak Peek Reel

This one minute social media friendly sneak peek reel is a quick turnaround video so that you can share a snippet of your wedding day with your friends and family, especially the ones who can’t attend in person. Although it doesn’t utilize the audio we captured on your special day, it will come with a fully licensed background music that allows you to use in any social platform.

Ceremony Video

A ceremony video is edited to show the beginning to the end of your ceremony only. It features a split screen so you can see each other’s reaction when exchanging vows and it will be cut in between different camera angles throughout the video for the best viewing experience. It’s a valuable alternative if live broadcasting your ceremony is limited due to internet signal or location complications.

Full Day Video

As an add-on option, this documentary video is for you to see how your wedding day unfolds chronologically from the beginning to the end of our coverage so you don’t have to worry about missing any part of your wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose LMC, you’re not just hiring a photographer or videographer; you’re gaining a dedicated friend who can’t wait to capture and celebrate your love. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, we are committed to making your experience seamless and enjoyable.

Our style is documentary + fine art blend. What does that mean for you? It means we take the time to understand your love story, your journey together, and the unique elements that make your relationship special. We don’t just capture pictures; we curate a visual journey that tells your tale with authenticity and depth

We have no secret but simply love capturing “hidden gems”. I’m proud of myself for being very observant and intuitive. We not only document all the important events throughout the day, but am inspired by and drawn towards the little moments between the couples which they normally don’t even notice. Being a busy bee throughout the day is never a question for me and I just do it naturally with enthusiasm and passion.

We use solely Sony mirrorless cameras and native lenses. They provide high quality images and are very adaptive in every lighting conditions especially low light condition. We also have upgraded light weight gear specifically suited for adventurous elopements. Whether you want to go hike, run, fly or even dive under water, we will be there!

We deliver through a shareable online platform so you can easily share with friends and family who may not have been able to attend. And we also deliver a customized USB to you as a physical copy.


Charlotte is privileged to reside in San Francisco and have home bases in both Philadelphia, PA and Traverse City, MI. Regardless of where your special day will be, her suitcases are packed and ready to go!

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