Hi! I’m Charlotte

Your new bestie with the camera, your personal love story weaver and a source of high level positive energy that you never thought you’d need on your wedding day! All packed neatly into this 4’10” tall human form and ready to show up wherever you need me to be!

If you’re seeking stunning photos, exceptional video, and a new friend to make your wedding day unforgettable, you’re at the right place!

My Signature Style

Playful Prompts

Your wedding day should be filled with fun and laughter instead of endless boring posing. I embrace a playful and interactive approach to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere that turns candid moments into cherished memories while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

Outdoor Scenery

 Whether it’s a candid moment among towering redwoods, a family framed by lush greenery, or a couple silhouetted against breathtaking sunset, outdoor scenery becomes an integral part of my storytelling. I utilize the magic of natural light and settings to elicit both the beauty of your love and the enchanting landscapes that surround you.

Detail Focused

The intricate details make your wedding day unique and memorable. I’m meticulous and have a keen eye for preserving details that are a statement of you and the intimate moments that often go unnoticed. By ensuring no detail is overlooked, we can tell a story through the subtleties that others might miss.


More Facts About Charlotte

Raised by working class parents in China, I’m proud to stand on my feet with this small business that allowing me to travel to 10 countries for 250+ love stories.

Although I’m only 4’10” tall, I’m not afraid of the height of mountains or the depth of the ocean. I embrace the great outdoors and advocate for our Mother Earth

My newest passion is scuba diving. I’d love to utilize my experience for couples who are interested in stunning underwater photography!

New Addition To
Le Moment Capturer

After a year of proper training under my wing, my partner Derek has now been recruited to be my “mule” for any backpacking elopement and most importantly, my trusted second videographer.

Instead of hiring a random shooter for your special day, I now have a reliable videographer with strong skillset which allows us to work harmoniously as a team. Derek understands the value & mission of LMC. Being immersed in the style and aesthetics that representing Le Moment Capturer directly by me, he now uses it as a foundation yet can confidently infuse his artistic angle into documenting all the small and big moments along with providing excellent client experience throughout your special day! Nonetheless to say, I’m over the moon excited for you to meet and work with him!

  • 39 countries travelled
  • 5 continents visited
  • 37 National Parks hiked
  • 80+ scuba dive logged
  • Originally from Michigan
  • Loyal Detroit Lions Fan
  • 10 years in San Francisco

Who you spend your wedding day with MATTERS

Other than your better half, your photographer and videographer are who you will spend the most of your wedding day with.

So don’t spend it with whoever, but Le Moment Capturer!

Love, Charlotte + Derek

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