Ethan & Tess | Vintage Inspired Excelsior Wedding | Lancaster, PA

Ethan & Tess’ entire vintage-inspired wedding day was nostalgic with a twist – a nod to previous generations that they managed to make all their own.

From the antique clock; to the glass and brass table numbers hand lettered by Tess; to the outdoor ceremony where vintage rugs were laid down to create the aisle, patio lights strung overhead – their entire celebration was like they were walking out of an old photograph.

They had their first look in a private room with decades of footsteps echoing across the worn wooden floors, years and generations evident in the peeling paint on the walls. Not only was the room beautiful and unique, but it was the perfect setting for their offbeat, touching, and love-filled relationship.

You can feel how much love they have for each other in their voices and in their glances. Even when Tess opens the fridge to discover that Ethan has eaten all the brownies, and when they make each other cry by telling stupid jokes – the love is real, raw, and all-consuming.

I’ve known Tess for a long time and have worked with her in the wedding industry. Every aspect of her and Ethan’s wedding, from the planning to the entirety of the day, was nothing short of awesome.

From the hand-lettered signs, hundred-year-old veil, lace wedding dress, and old-world ceremony space, this vintage-inspired wedding made my heart stop.

Tess is an amazing calligrapher and creates the most beautiful pieces of art. She created all of her own signage for her wedding. She called on her mom (a talented seamstress) to sew her up-cycled 100-year-old veil. She also had her sister Blayre create every baked good for their reception, and words don’t do them justice. Luckily, there’s a video for that. 😉

Ethan and Tess prefer to be called E+T by their family and friends – every bit the unit and team. They met in college, a lover and a chaser. Though they didn’t make it public right away, Blayre knew Tess had found “the one” when she told her sister all about “this hipster-looking guy” she met at school and was into. After that, E+T were inseparable.

They had Ethan’s pastor marry them, and it was so touching to see someone from Ethan’s childhood watch them fall in love, become a couple, and become bound together. E+T are an adventurous couple who love to explore and experience, but are still grounded and respectful of their families.

They have an affinity for beautiful, unique things, and maintained a sense of history throughout their day.

Their families and friends came together to celebrate their union of marriage, to share food and drink during their vintage Italian-inspired reception, and to support them through it all.

Every part of their relationship was summed up so perfectly in the speeches that night:

E+T – ‘Continue to be stubborn, continue to love, continue to love beauty, and continue to venture out into this world’ – and: ‘may your love be modern enough to survive the times, and old fashioned enough to last forever.’

I‘m beyond grateful that I was able to contribute my own take on their union. E+T – may you add this to your new legacy together, and I wish you all the best in the years that have yet to pass.

The talented vendor team:

Venue/catering: Excelsior Lancaster

Wedding planner: Your Sweetest Day Events

Photographer: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Florist: Petals With Style

Hair: Amanda Leigh Rush with Anthology Lancaster

Veil and Alterations: Sew Glorious

Signage and Calligraphy: Line and Letter Designs

Makeup: Gianna Joy Beauty

DJ: DJ Mast

Cake and Desserts: Flouretta Sweet

Dress Boutique: Posh Bridal

Dress Designer: The Marigold Dress by Allure Bridals

Rentals: Swoon Vintage Rental

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