Angela & Frank | Lake Tahoe Elopement

A destination elopement is a unique way to celebrate the intimate connection between two people with the added value of having a gorgeous environment to set the scene for joy and romance. Elopement for bride Angela and groom Frank meant focusing on each other and their relationship of 10 years, reflecting on their struggles and triumphs they have faced together. A private celebration brought all the attention to each other and allowed for deeply personal and intimate moments.

The location they chose to celebrate was Lake Tahoe, specifically the lush forest and mountainside with a cliff overlooking the beautiful lake beyond. Additionally, the stillness of the lake paired wonderfully with the peacefulness of the atmosphere. The idea of standing at the “top of the mountain” made this moment even more special, symbolizing how Angela and Frank have journeyed together to reach this pinnacle in their lives.

This location allowed for a variety of pictures and poses, moving from the tall trees to the beach and rocky shore, ultimately ending in a sunset framed by mountains seen from the cliff. A drone captured the entirety of the mountain and lake view, giving a bird’s eye view to the splendor of the location. The bride’s dress involved a more movement friendly design, and the couple captured unique pictures from on top of boulders and on the beach. The artistry of the raw nature combined with the beauty of the bride and groom together created an experience they will always remember.

With such a small audience present – only Angela’s mother, the priest and his wife, and the photographers – Angela and Frank were able to be in their natural element with another, which created great goofy, spontaneous moments. There was no anxiety, no rush or hard-set plans, and the slow pace of the day added to the uniqueness of their wedding. The journey to the location was an adventure in of itself, riding in the back of a truck off-roading to a secluded spot away from the eyes and noise of other people. Since Angela and Frank officially got married earlier in South California, they were able to focus on honoring and celebrating each other while still having a vow reading and ceremony by the same priest who married them.

Angela and Frank’s particular wedding involved more than one cause for celebration. Along with commemorating their wedding, their wedding day was also Frank’s birthday. This marked a new chapter in their lives together and new year in life for Frank. Typically, traditional weddings frown upon any other occasion, event, or person that distracts from the bride and groom, but for this elopement it was just another reason to celebrate and included a private birthday and wedding cake on a minimalistic table for two. Angela and Frank’s joy is contagious, and they got to spend one of the biggest days of their lives in the company of people who meant the most to them in a place full of raw beauty and peace. I am honored to have been able to share this special day with Angela and Frank.

Photography: Autumn Marie Photo

Planning: thehytch

Specialty rentals: Mountain vibes rentals

Flowers: galena forest flowers

Decorated cake: delicious designs reno

Hair and makeup: nancy rice artistry

Musician: mic smith music

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