Briana & Joaquin | Honolulu Elopement | Oahu, Hawaii

Elopement has evolved into new meanings over the last couple of decades. For some it can mean a destination wedding. For others it might just be a way to forgo the traditional wedding ceremony in exchange for something more intimate.

For bride Briana and groom Joaquin, elopement allowed them to turn tragedy and loss into joy. In 2020 the couple tragically experienced pregnancy loss with their son, while planning their wedding. Seeking peace in the midst of grief, the couple took a trip to Hawaii to find solace in the beauty and escape.

During their time on Oahu, the couple decided to forego their traditional wedding plans and instead were inspired to elope in Honolulu. As the big day was drawing near, Briana wished her father could attend and walk her down the aisle. Unbeknownst to Brianna, Joaquin, her mother, and the wedding crew had a very magical moment planned for her. As Briana and Joaquin were walking hand in hand on the beach, they were suddenly approached by her parents. Both her mother and father had flown into Hawaii to be present for their daughter’s wedding and the union of two wonderful people. Once the bride saw her parents, all three were caught in an emotional embrace. With beautiful harp music in the background, the couple stood in a circle of flowers and recited their vows. Surrounded by the beautiful waves of Hawaii and loved ones from far away, Briana and Joaquin were enveloped in an atmosphere of love and support.

Early the next morning, the couple had us do a more causal sunrise session. Each new crisp blue wave washing up on the shore was a wonderful visual of the constant change and renewal in life. With the rippling ocean, blue current, and breath-taking sunrises, there was no shortage of beautiful scenery. This particular location outside of Honolulu was one only the locals knew about, far away from busy beaches and full of serenity.

Elopements are intimate and personal, and having a videographer and photographer who specialize in getting to know the couple and capture their connection and joy is key. Knowing the couple’s story and journey that led to this day creates an even deeper and more genuine view of the experience. Thank you to Briana and Joaquin for sharing your incredible moment with us.

Photography: Priscilla Banuelos Photography

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