Kimberly & Tony | Sonoma County Private Estate Intimate Wedding

“Rugged and brilliant is my soul’s terrain; a mirror image of the love you gave.”

– Angie Weiland-Crosby

Florida natives Kimberly and Tony had always hoped for an exclusive, island wedding. To focus on each other in their celebration, the couple really wanted a location with breathtaking views. Though the pandemic forced a change of plans, this couple still commemorated their intimate wedding with stunning views away from any distractions. The couple celebrated their love on a remote private estate in Sonoma county, where their photography and videography revealed a beautiful overlook of a lush, vibrant green valley with a stunning view during sunset with the sun’s rays kissing the bride’s veil. With lush trees and beautiful custom floral designs to frame the couple, the valley in front of them was a beautiful reminder of the land they both call home and the journey they now embark on together.

The couple opted for a very private ceremony, even reciting their vows away from the camera’s lens to add an element of intimacy. The natural pastels of color from the surrounding countryside and florals create the perfect soft tones of nature and beauty. The vibrant and bright colors of the background spoke to the couple’s promising and bright future ahead of them.

Incorporating movement into this shoot was particularly important for the couple, especially with all the still landscape behind them. Using rose petals to create soft confetti and popping open a bottle of champagne were some of the movements that made the moment extra special. Spontaneity in movements and genuine reactions are some of the best candid shots within this session. With different poses and walking shots, both Kimberly and Tony made these pictures come alive with their smiles, expressions, and serene beauty.

Thank you to Kimberly and Tony for inviting us to capture your wonderful celebration.

Photo & Video: Le Moment Capturer

Dress: Monamie Bridal Salon and Netta Ben shabu

Suit: Bonobos

Bow tie: Otis James

MUA: Angelica M Marie

Hair: Urikah

Cake: Tony’s Cakes

Musicians: Sorella Chamber Music and Lewis Patzner

Officiant: Napa Valley Wedding

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